Live streaming increases impact of meetings and events

Live streaming an event, such as a town hall, keynote session or all-hands meeting allows presenters to reach distant audiences, increasing the impact of those events. With ever-increasing airline fares and hotel rates, live streaming allows better time utilization and reduced employee travel costs.

While most live streams and webcasts are used by companies with multiple offices throughout a region, or the country, live streams can be used when there is not sufficient capacity at the primary venue for all the employees within the building or campus. We've streamed to conference rooms on other floors as well as other cities - and viewing parties are a good way to keep employees connected and engaged.

To learn more about how live streaming and webcasting can best serve your company or organization, contact Orlando Webcasts. We're here to answer your questions.


Orlando Corporate Media, Inc., dba Orlando Webcasts is an Orlando-based video production, live streaming and webcasting company. We provide corporate communications tools to businesses and brands that allow them to efficiently and effectively reach their audience. Call Orlando Webcasts today for a free consultation and quote. Reach us at 407-362-9490. 


Using pay-per-view on a live stream event

Orlando Webcasts provides clients the option of monetizing their live stream events. Workshops, seminars and conferences can all benefit from live streaming, adding virtual attendees, no matter their location. Adding the pay-per-view option makes sense for events where the content, such as continuing education credits, are earned for attendees. Pay-per-view can also defray costs for event sponsors when important and marketable information is shared during the session.

Events can be scheduled, a branded landing page created and user-friendly, integrated credit card processing enabled. Events can run part of a day, all day or even multiple days. You can view a recent event here:

Sample order page
Sample order page

Once registered, attendees receive email reminders of the event and tips on logging in and viewing the live stream, all in an effort to minimize issues once the event is live. Live support via a toll-free number and email is available should viewers encounter difficulties in viewing the live stream.

On the day of the live event, attendees will login to a browser-based web player that includes a video feed and an optional slide deck feed in the left panel of the page. The right panel includes program information, schedules, speaker bios, handouts, chat and other customized options for the event.

Browser-based live stream page
Browser-based live stream page
Learn more about pay-per-view services by contacting us at 407-362-9490, or email us at [email protected]

Live streaming webcasts for business

Orlando Webcasts Live Streaming

Orlando Webcasts offers secure, private webcasts for town halls, investor updates and other important events. We also provide live streaming services to public sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter as well as subscription platforms including LiveStream, GoToWebinar or private Content Delivery Networks (CDN).

We can provide all the needed equipment for a live stream, or connect to existing cameras and microphones at the venue. Our services are scaled to your needs.

For new clients, we learn your requirements and make recommendations based on your needs and walk you through the process to ensure your event is a success.

To learn more about our webcasting and live streaming services, including video encoding and event filming, visit our website at:

Call us at 407-362-9490 to schedule a live demonstration of our webcasting platform.

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Filming, encoding, streaming...our new reel highlights them all!

We've updated our Services reel and now include expanded details on some of our most requested services. Take a look!


Orlando Webcasts is Central Florida's premier live streaming company for businesses, brands, conferences, meetings and town hall events.

Learn more at our website:, or call our office 9am-5pm Eastern Time, M-F at 407-362-9490.

Filming service for meetings, town halls, sessions and more

Orlando Webcasts provides video production services for our business clients who need conferences, meetings, town halls and other events filmed. Cameras, lighting, microphones and crew are available for events small and large.

We film at area hotels, conference facilities, offices and venues. We work with in-house AV teams to maximize value and eliminate duplicated services, such as microphones.

For additional information on our video production services, contact Orlando Webcasts at 407-362-9490.

Filming services from Orlando Webcasts
Filming services from Orlando Webcasts

Orlando Webcasts is a full service video production, live streaming and webcasting company serving all of Florida. Learn more about our video production services for conferences and meetings at:

Live stream your next event with Orlando Webcasts

Take your conference, training session or meeting to a wider audience with live streaming. Orlando Webcasts provides the equipment and crew needed to live stream your event. We scale our services based on your requirements. Cameras, microphones, encoding and distribution - we do it all.

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Contact Orlando Webcasts for a free quote on your next event. Call us at 407-362-9490, or email us at [email protected]

Have questions about live streaming? We have answers!

As the popularity of live streaming and webcasting grows in the corporate and professional world, we receive inquiries about our services and how an Orlando Webcasts live video stream can be incorporated into conferences, town halls, promotions and other events.

Live streaming from an Orlando convention hotel.
Live streaming from an Orlando convention hotel.

Nearly any event can be live streamed with the primary factor being the availability of a high-speed Internet connection with a minimum upload speed of 7Mbps, though higher speeds could be required for certain events. Contacting the venue IT department and confirming the connection speeds, along with any associated costs, is the first step toward a live stream event.

Once the internet access has been verified, there are several possible routes to live streaming your event. First, you need to determine how your live event will reach it's intended audience.

Will a free service like Facebook Live or Twitter/Periscope reach your audience? These outlets can reach tens of thousands of people and are frequently used for promotional events lasting less than one hour.

Is a paid service like UStream, Vimeo or GoToWebinar a better choice? These platforms can be password-protected, allowing only those you choose to view the live stream.

Your third option is a webcasting service which allows even more security, better integration with PowerPoint slides and video playback, a Q&A function to ask the presenter questions, detailed analytics, custom branding, access to past events and other benefits. This option can also be the most expensive depending on the size of the audience, length of the event and other factors.

Choosing the correct distribution method is an important decision. You want to ensure that the live stream reaches the stakeholders who need to see it. Orlando Webcasts works with all of the options listed above and can help you determine the best solution for your event.

Live webcast for a financial services firm.
Live webcast for a financial services firm.

Now that you've determined how you want to reach your audience, it's time to decide how the video and audio are going to be filmed at the event site. 

Depending on where the event is held, you may need to work with the in-house Audio/Visual company to secure wireless microphones, a camera, lighting and other gear they are contracted to provide conferences and meetings at that site. Large events may already have IMAG (image magnification) cameras in the general session rooms. In those cases, we work with the A/V company to receive a feed from the camera and use that feed as the source for the live stream event.

In other locations, such as office buildings or smaller hotels/venues, we may need to supply the camera, microphones and lighting. Each event is unique, so we offer customized solutions to fit the needs of each project.

Live stream crew at a corporate town hall webcast.
Live stream crew at a corporate town hall webcast.

If you're needing webcast and live streaming services in Orlando, or anywhere in Florida, we're available to answer your calls by phone or email.

You can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page on the Orlando Webcasts website. It's an easy way to learn a bit more about webcasts and live streaming when you're not sure what questions to ask! One of our most important tasks is to educate and inform our clients about options, services and capabilities.

Check out the FAQ page on the Orlando Webcasts website.
Check out the FAQ page on the Orlando Webcasts website.

Give us a call or send an email with your questions. We're here to help! Call 407-362-9490, Monday to Friday, 9AM-5PM Eastern Time, or visit our website at

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Fourth of July in Orlando

On Independence Day, 2018, much of the country will take the day off and enjoy time with friends and family. Many will cap the evening watching a fireworks show.

If you're in Orlando, you have some of the best fireworks displays in the nation on a nightly basis (looking at you, WDW) and Visit Orlando has published a list that includes the more popular fireworks shows in the region.

The City of Orlando features a great evening of entertainment at one of our favorite spots - Lake Eola.

No matter where you watch fireworks, we wish you a happy, safe and memorable Fourth of July!

Orlando's Lake Eola fountain, turned red, white and blue for the 4th.

We'll be out celebrating the 4th of July as well, so give us a call on the 5th of July to discuss your webcasting, encoding and live streaming needs. Thank you!



Live streaming for conferences and meetings

Orlando is the number one meeting destination in the country, with thousands of events occurring every year at the Orange County Convention Center and the many surrounding convention hotels and centers.

"Orlando continues to invest in our industry every year, with even more new additions to our expansive convention center district, innovative new venues and attractions, and more quality dining options for every type of group," said Visit Orlando President and CEO George Aguel. "To receive the honor of once again being recognized by Cvent as the No. 1 meetings destination in the country, only reinforces our ongoing commitment to this important industry" reported Cvent in it's annual report of top meeting destinations.

Orange County Convention Center
Orange County Convention Center

An increasing number of those meetings stream keynote and general sessions, as well as top breakout sessions to associates, customers and other stakeholders, and Orlando Webcasts streams many of those sessions.

Our Meeting and Conference and Encoding Services allow clients to secure the needed crew and equipment with a single phone call. We work hand in hand with on-site A/V companies including PSAV, Cramer, Production Resource Group and other event production companies to ensure a seamless experience for our clients.

Encoding and streaming a breakout session
Encoding and streaming a breakout session

Learn more about our live streaming, webcasting and encoding services by visiting our website at:


Orlando Webcasts one-call solution to live streaming

We recently provided production services for one of our webcast Content Delivery Network partners. We provided, cameras, lighting, audio, encoding and streaming services to support the live event.


After conducting a site survey for our client, we worked with a staging company for pipe and drape as well as a lighting company to provide two lighting towers for the meeting area, which was located inside their office building.


Our tech tables were located in an area near the back of the room and included a primary and backup encoder, slide laptop, playback laptop and backup laptop. Two camera feeds and the slide feed were switched into the encoded live stream. We also provided six microphones for the presenters and handheld microphones for audience Q&A.  


With one call to Orlando Webcasts, our clients can receive a comprehensive estimate that includes everything needed for their live event. Whether you need just our encoding services, or a full production, contact us to learn more about our services and capabilities. Visit our website at or call us at 407-362-9490.